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The basic benefits of Spa Bathing for health and beauty

The primary effects of a Spa Bath on your body are heat, massage and buoyancy. The combination of these three factors are what make the experience so enjoyable and beneficial to the user.


Jets of air and warm water massaging the body result in the release of endorphins, which relieve tension and pain and create a natural ‘high’.

Blood Circulation

The pleasant effects of this warm massage cause a dilation of the blood vessels which results in better blood circulation

Muscle therapy

This improved blood circulation in turn causes the skin and muscles to relax. The water buoyancy factor plays a key role in muscle therapy too, because it reduces your body weight by approximately 90 percent, resulting in a semi weightless suspension from the forces of gravity on your body.

Quicker recovery from fatigue and injury

The effect of increasing the blood circulation to your now relaxed muscles can result in quicker recovery from body fatigue and also from simple injuries.

Better Sleep

Soaking in hot water for 15 minutes (approximately 90 minutes before going to bed) is an effective way to naturally encourage and induce the body into sleep.

Relieve arthritis

The warm water massage of a spa bath combined with the weightlessness of lying or sitting in water is the most obvious benefit to people suffering from the pains of arthritis, but another benefit of a spa is the ability to do light exercise. This exercise is possible because the buoyancy of water allows the user to gently stretch their joints and muscles, and the water actually provides enough resistance to build strength (through body movement), without causing uncomfortable strain.

Relieve stress

Many users have a feeling of tranquility when reclining in a spa bath, and as noted above, experience the release of endorphins (which relieve tension and create a natural ‘high’). A gentle peaceful all natural high! That’s hard to beat.