Health in Abundance.

Little Flower Ayurveda Hospital Managed and Supervised by the Missionary Sisters of St. Therese, Quilon, equipped with highly qualified and experienced faculty -Doctors and Therapists, Special Therapeutic Diet, well equipped Panchakarma Theatre, Yoga and Meditation etc.

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Little Flower Ayurveda Hospital.

It is a novel venture and the philosophy behind the inception was to promote “Health for all” by propagating Ayurveda in its true spirit and richness and also tries to bring all the medical systems of treatment under a single roof.

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Little Flower Ayurveda

Little Flower Ayurveda Hospital is a unit of Little Flower Hospice Society(LFHS), is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) belonging to the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of St. Therese, Quilon(MSST), working for the integral development of the people

Govt. Approved Ayurveda Centre

govt Approved Ayurveda Center
Govt Approved Ayurveda Center

Stress & Strain Relief

Sirodhara with oil, full body massage and Thakradhara

Fitness & Fairness

Face massage, special head massage with herbal cream/herbal oils, steam bath, special Ayur diet

Weight Reduction

Udvardhanam, Steam bath and oral medicine.

Rejuvenation Package

Full body oil massage, Dhara, Steam bath

Our specialised services

Our services include Ayurveda Treatments, Spa & Sauna and Yoga & Meditation


Ayurveda Hospital

Ayurveda-Health in Abundance


Yoga & Meditation

Transformation of well Being


Sauna & Spa


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